The properties on are:

Free and clear of encumbrances.

Have no back taxes.

Pictured showing the actual property. (Unless noted).

Accurately identified using
county GIS maps.

Guaranteed or your money back.

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Is Buying Land For You?

Why Invest in Land

Raw land is a very simple investment to hold. Taxes are low and you aren’t going to get a call in the middle of the night from a tenant with a problem. No structures means no stress. Any improvements you make increases the value of the land exponentially.

Can you still get affordable land?

Yes! Look at any state map and there will be affordable land. There are over 3000 countries in the US and all of them have areas of affordable rural land.

Is owning land right for you?

Unlike many other investments you can enjoy your land right away. A deed to a nice piece of property is like a “get out’a town” card! Use it for recreation, an off the grid home, ranch or hobby farm. Land is also easily passed down to your heirs.

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