Five Acre Opportunity Awaits [SOLD]

5 Acres in Apache County AZ near Sanders. Under market price and easy terms. Enjoy the milder temperatures of the high desert with its soul-searching vistas and sunsets that are beautiful enough to make poets of us all.


The property is located just 1.5 miles from Highway 191 via good dirt road. Get your provisions in the nearby towns of Sanders, Chambers, or St. Johns and set up your getaway. It’s the perfect time to venture into this area, as desire for land here is just starting to get hold. It won’t be long before things get much more competitive. In the olden days, people packed up all their belongings and ventured west in search of a better life. They did it because they believed in living freely and that there was limitless opportunity awaiting them on land undiscovered. It’s in that exact same spirit that we’re listing this property. This is your pioneering opportunity to do what you want on your very own five acres. This county has practically no use restrictions in this area, which gives you the freedom to develop (or not develop) this land exactly the way you want.